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All You Desire April 9, 2013

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All You DesireThe Eternal Ones #2  by Kirsten Miller

all_you_desire-198x289Haven Moore and Iain Morrow have waited two thousand years to be together.  After Iain’s faked death, the eternal lovers retreat to Rome.  Only the disappearance of Haven’s best friend Beau can lure them back to New York.  No one has heard from Beau after traveling to the city to meet his supposed long lost love.

Upon arrival, Haven encounters the Horae, and ancient group of women that are trying to destroy Adam Rosier, the evil leader of the Ouroboros Society.  Haven makes a deal with the Horae.  They will assist her in remembering the past lives that may lead her to finding what happened to Beau. In return, Haven must go undercover in the Ouroboros Society to charm Adam and lure him into a trap.

Will Iain be publicly “resurrected” and cleared of his murder charge?  Can Haven remember the past and find Beau before it’s too late?  Are the Horae to be trusted?  Is Adam really evil incarnate?  Some of these questions will be answered.  As for the others, we’ll just have to wait for the third installment of this highly addictive series.


The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller February 13, 2013

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eternal ones

Haven Moore lives a sheltered life in rural Tennessee.  Under the thumb of her ultra-religious grandmother, she longs to escape. Haven plans on attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  She can’t wait for graduation when she and her best friend Beau can leave Snope City for good.  Problems arise when Haven begins having blackouts and vivid visions.  She had them in the past, but has managed to keep it in check until now.  Grandmother Imogene calls in Dr. Tidmore and they decide Haven needs an exorcism.

Events come to a head when Haven sees a face on television that matches the one from her visions.  So it’s off to NYC where she begins to put the pieces of her past together.  Haven’s visions involve a girl named Constance and her love, Ethan.  Detailed descriptions of New York flood her head, even though this is her first time in the city.  Believing herself to be Constance, she has identified wealthy playboy Iain Morrow as her Ethan.  The same Iain Morrow in the tabloids suspected of murder.  Iain has been waiting for “Constance” for many years and happily takes up with Haven right where they left off in a past life.  Haven learns they have been together for many lives, she just doesn’t remember them yet.  The Ourobos Society, a secret group devoted to reincarnation, may hold the keys to unlock this past.

Will Haven and Iain live happily ever and ever and ever after?  Or will her visions of a fiery death come true…again?  Who can she trust, where can she turn?

I was hooked on this new take on supernatural romance from page one.  Reincarnation and past lives haven’t figured heavily as a genre in young adult literature.  I was pleased to see Kirsten Miller give us an intriguing and complete plot with characters that are unlike any others out there. I only have one question: sequel?  Check out All You Desire, the sequel to The Eternal Ones.