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Music February 5, 2013

Torches by Foster the People

foster the peopleFoster the People gained popularity with their cross-over hit “Pumped Up Kicks.”  I’m sure you’re familiar with that song, as it was all over the air waves.  That’s what drew me to check out the rest of their work.  The debut album Torches has fast become one of my all-time favorites.  The melodic beats and catchy hook of “Kicks” induces you to sing along with abandon.

This trio of Californians is led by Mark Foster (lead vocals, piano, guitar) with Cubbie Fink (back up vocals and bass) and Mark Pontius (drums).  They embody that uber-trendy indie pop, rife with synthesized beats, disco falsetto, and memorable lyrics.

For a more disco feel, check out “Helena Beat” or for the melodically forlorn listen to “Waste”-my personal fav.

Excerpt from”Waste” by Foster the People

“I know if you could snap both your  fingers

Then you’d escape with  me

But in the meantime I’ll  just wait here

and listen to you when you speak

Or  scream”