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Tamagotchi L.I.F.E app June 3, 2013

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tamagotchiRewind the clock to the late 1990s – Tamagotchis are back!  The free app from Bandai Co. can be downloaded to Android smartphones.  For those of you that loved the original plastic egg-shaped toy, this app is a must.

The same rules apply when taking care of your Tamagotchi.  You are responsible for the care of a virtual pet.  Yes, this includes feeding, exercise, and even poop scooping.  Constant attention is needed or you’ll find  your critter has virtually croaked.

The addition of games that increase the happiness of your pet are  included on this app.  Look for that same pixelated appearance, but now in color.  Cuteness abounds, but be mindful this game is a time sucker, just like the toy.

Now available for iPhones and iPads.