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Pink May 25, 2013

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    The Truth About Love by Pink

pinkThe Truth About Love is Pink’s 6th studio album released in September 2012. Pink has released Blow Me (One Last Kiss), Try, and Just Give Me A Reason as singles off the album. Each single has done very well and is constantly played on the radio.

Just Give Me A Reason is a duet with Nate Ruess from the band fun. The song has consistently climbed the charts, all the way to number one and is probably playing on the radio as I’m typing this review. It has become one of those inescapable songs you find yourself singing and don’t know where it came from.

Pink has a no-nonsense attitude about her and it shows in her music. She is a pop artist with an edge which is what attracts so many people to her & her music. She sings fun pop songs and songs with a lot of heart and meaning behind them.

The Truth About Love includes songs poking fun at love and the crazy things women find themselves thinking as shown in  How Come You’re Not Here, The Truth About Love and Walk of Shame. There are some slower songs in which Pink shows a lot of emotion in her singing and shows off her powerful voice including Beam Me Up, Try, and The Great Escape.

If you like what you hear from Pink on the radio pick up The Truth About Love.



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     California 37 by Train

train 2Train is a pop rock band from San Francisco, California. Pat Monahan is the lead singer, Jimmy Stafford plays guitar and Scott Underwood is on the drums.

California 37 is Train’s 6th studio album. The album continues the laid back California feel Train has become known for. Their songs are fun to listen to and don’t always make sense, but they make you trainhappy.

The singles from this album include Drive By, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, Bruises, and MermaidBruises has more of a country feel to it and is a duet with Pat Monahan and country singer Ashley Monroe.

I have seen Train in concert a few times. They always deliver a wonderful, energetic show. When Train performs Mermaid at a concert they bring a bunch of girls from the audience on stage to be the “mermaid” Pat is singing to. Its a lot of fun to watch everyone have such a blast on stage with Train (I have even seen a few guys join in the action on stage).

If you enjoy summer, California and music that makes you happy then pick up California 37 by Train.