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Every Day April 29, 2013

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Every Day by David Levithan

every day levithan

Each day we wake up, get ready, think about what that day may hold.  Not A.  Every day A wakes up in a different body.  This has happened every day of his/her existence.  Another day, another body, another family, another set of problems.

It has taken A time to adjust to this lifestyle.  At first, he thought everyone experienced the same thing.  As time went by, A realized he/she was merely a visitor in someone else’s body.  To eliminate complications A developed rules to live by.  Mainly – don’t get involved.  Just like the saying goes, A attempts to “do no harm” while inhabiting countless bodies.

That was never a problem until A woke up in the body of Justin.  A meets Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon and his existence completely changes.  A does everything in his power to keep Rhiannon in his life, despite the fact that it’s not always A’s life being involved.

Despite what I will call being corporeally challenged, A and Rhiannon manage to attempt a relationship. Can Rhiannon get past the fact that A is in a different body every day?  Girl, boy, fat, thin, etc.  Can A find a way to stay in one body and stay will his one true love?

David Levithan has given us more than a few things to think about.  What is it that makes us love a person?  What makes us who we are?  What would you do if you were a different person every day?