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The Twin’s Daughter April 22, 2013

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The Twin’s Daughter by Lauren Baratz-Logsted


Lucy Sexton opens the door to a bedraggled woman, a stranger.  But no, her face…it couldn’t be.  Is it her mother?  No, it’s her mother’s long-lost identical twin.  Separated at birth, Lucy’s mother was afforded all the comforts of an upper-middle class life while her twin has languished in the workhouse.  Aunt Helen is soon welcomed into the Sexton home and becomes part of the family.  Transforming from illiterate vagrant into refined lady, Helen is experiencing the life she could have had. Lucy grows close to her Aunt, closer than perhaps her own mother.

One day Lucy arrives home to a horrifying scene.  The two identical women are tied to chairs and one has been brutally murdered.  Who is dead?  Who has survived? All is not as it appears.  Doubts and questions begin to torment Lucy as she attempts to solve the mystery and find justice for the deceased.

I simply loved this book.  For me, it had it all!  A thrilling mystery, historically accurate, set in Victorian England, The Twin’s Daughter will leave you spinning from all the twists and turns.  Secrets, lies, twins, murder, corsets…what more could a girl want?