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Fat Vampire: A Never-Coming-of-Age Story April 22, 2013

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Fat Vampire:  A Never-Coming-of-Age Story by Adam Rex


Vampires generally fit into one of two categories.  Drop-dead (pun completely intended) Hollywood gorgeous or something like Nosferatu.  Sadly, Doug Lee is neither of these.  Doug is stuck forever at fifteen and pudgy.

Since the accidental run in with a half-mad vampire that left him with a severe case of vampirism, the geeky Doug has been struggling to figure out just what it takes to be one of the undead.  Doug gets so desperate he actually attempts to drink the blood of a panda at the zoo while at San Diego Comic Con.  Once back home (finally) in Pennsylvania, Doug has to find another source of blood besides cows.  Maybe a nice goth girlfriend that’s into the whole vampire scene, but finding a girl is not as easy as it looks.

Things are starting to look up when a kind of vampire support group gets wind of Doug and offers him a tutor, even if that tutor is really out there.  Unfortunately the “Panda Mishap” has the crew from the TV show Vampire Hunters on the look out for him, so things are about to get complicated for Doug.

Fat Vampire is a satirical look at teens, internet addiction, and the whole vampire craze.   A story you can really sink your teeth into, this one is definitely worth a read.