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Withering Tights: The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey by Louise Rennison February 13, 2013

withering tights

Do you long for the crazy adventures of Georgia Nicolson as much as I do?  Well, lament no further.  Tallulah Casey is the remedy.  Tallulah is Georgia’s younger cousin, and let me tell you all that wackiness runs in the family.

Tallulah is off to the moors of Yorkshire, yes the land of Heathcliff (that’s a Wuthering Heights reference people!!)  She’s attending Dother Hall, a performing arts school, for the summer.  Kooky locals, cute boys, fabbity fab friends, and an owl named Connie keep our heroine occupied in the country.  And don’t fret, cousin Georgia’s comedy mustache is in good hands.

Louise Rennison again earns her title as the reigning Queen of Teen.  Tallulah is just as funny as Georgia, but with a bit more compassion and room to mature.  Withering Tights is a light-hearted romp you’re sure to enjoy.  I’m already looking forward to the second installment in the series, A Midsummer Tights Dream.