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Vixen by Jillian Larkin February 13, 2013


It’s the roaring 20’s.  The jazz is smooth, the hair is bobbed, the dresses are short, the liquor is bootleg and the nights are long.  Al Capone and the mob rule Chicago.  A few steps away from the speakeasies and jazz halls resides seventeen-year-old Gloria Carmody.  Glo, to her friends, is enamored by the flapper lifestyle.  But the party’s over now that she’s engaged to high society elite Sebastian Grey.

To ensure Gloria stays on the straight and narrow, her cousin Clara Knowles has been brought in from New York.  “Country Clara” isn’t as innocent as she seems.  You see Clara was a fixture of the NYC scene way before Glo bobbed her hair.  Now she’s been sent to Chicago to straighten up.  This is Clara’s second chance and she intends to not make the same mistakes twice.

Gloria won’t find it easy to settle down.  She aspires to be a jazz singer, and she’s actually pretty good.  To confuse matter more, she’s falling for one of the musicians at the club.  But not only is she engaged to someone else, Jerome is African-American (remember this is the 20’s!)

Jillian Larkin has successfully given us a brilliant debut with Vixen.  This first book in The Flappers series delivers.  The characters and storyline immediately hooked me.  The ending will have you wanting more.  I can’t wait so find out what happens next.  I guess I’ll have to read the next installments in the trilogy, Ingenue and Diva.