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Leverage by Joshua Cohen February 13, 2013


This isn’t your average High School sports story.  Leverage is a story about bullying and abuse.  At its heart, it’s about friendship and survival.

Ruled by the popular yet sadistic football captains, Oregrove High is like any other school.  Gymnasts and footballers engage in an escalating prank war that culminates in the unthinkable.

Danny is a talented gymnast with dreams of the Olympics.  Kurt is the new guy, fresh from foster care, a wounded soul.  His stutter and his size make him an immediate target.  This odd couple comes together to get justice when the school and community turn their back.

Leverage is a super-intense, gritty, and unfortunately realistic take on some extreme bullying and abuse that takes place right beneath our very noses.  Joshua C. Cohen has brilliantly illuminated this taboo and all too common topic.